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Check my consumption

We offer you a couple of access so you can check the consumption of the GB and minutes of your pay as you go plan easily.

Check your consumption at Orange WhatsApp

Our virtual assistance helps you with the essential facilities to control your pay as you go line, is really easy to ask a question.

What do you have to do?

  • Save our Orange WhatsApp number: +34 653 85 00 85.

  • Send your message to our WhatsApp using your pay as you go line, so you can have a secure access to your questions.
  • To check your consumption you have to send a message with the text Check my consumption.
  • You’ll received the name of your prepaid plan and the GB and minutes you have left.

Our WhatsApp assistance is free, so don’t doubt to use it whenever you need it.

Dial *111#

You can also access our pay as you go basic assistance.

  • You have to access the calling button in your mobile phone (the green phone button), and then you have to dial the code *111# and finally press the calling button.
  • You will see in the first page your remaining balance and if you have a plan rate with minutes and GB included, your will also know if you have any minutes and GB available.
  • You got 5 free accesses to the *111# menu, the sixth and further accesses will be charge at 0,25cents€/each.
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